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Dorothy O’Keefe Diana, LCSW


Dorothy O’Keefe Diana, LCSW

Dorothy O’Keefe-Diana, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Trained Dialectical Behavioral Therapist, is the founder and Managing Director of The Madison Health Consulting Group of Madison, LLC, and the Mental Health and Wellness Center of Madison, with dual offices located in Madison and Chester, New Jersey. Dorothy takes pride to bring an impassioned dedication and an insatiable commitment to individuals and families in need of effective ways to manage and improve their lives. Using this modality, especially with the incorporation of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Dorothy has become an expert group clinician and has appreciated much success in her private practice.

For over ten years, Dorothy has made it her profession to help others. Prior to entering the mental health arena as a clinician, Dorothy enjoyed success in the business world, including a stint on Wall Street. She received her undergraduate degrees in Economics (BS) and Business Management (BS) from Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania. Her Masters in Social Work (MSW) was granted from Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus, the State University of New Jersey. Subsequent to earning her MSW in clinical social work, Dorothy obtained extensive knowledge and practical hands-on experience in both chemical addiction and mental health areas through her work as a clinician at one of New Jersey’s largest outpatient companies. Here, she learned the importance of offering intensive assistance to patients and to their families. Now in private practice, Dorothy proudly provides individual counseling services to adolescents, adults, and families. At her Madison Mental Health and Wellness Center, Dorothy facilitates specialized groups in response to addiction, codependency, incorporating, when appropriate, DBT and DBT skills training.

Additionally, Dorothy is a Certified Arise Interventionist, meaning she consults, assesses, and provides case management to families. Dorothy works closely with public and private schools to provide education and support to staff and students regarding substance abuse and mental health issues, which includes harmful behaviors. Dorothy is an accomplished public speaker, providing workshops and training throughout the country. Passionately and fervently connected to the legal community, Dorothy collaborates with attorneys when necessary to assist clients who face incarceration and/or related problems with the law, recognizing that mental instability/addiction often translates into legal difficulties.

Furthermore, Dorothy commits herself to the ongoing enhancement of the field of social work; accordingly, for Dorothy, continuing education, training, and collaboration are essential. Augmenting her credentials through coursework and personal research, Dorothy is committed to the following: further understanding of adolescent health; how to effectively treat patients prone to self-harm; what works best when working with veterans and military families; and what it truly means to be caregiver within a family system that faces life changing occurrences. Currently, through post graduate work at the Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Center of New Jersey, which is located near her practice in Madison, and Chester New Jersey, Dorothy has been able to advance her educational goals and to continually ignite her intellectual curiosity. Dorothy is training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to treat trauma and trauma related disorders. She has worked in all levels of care at facilities helping people needing substance and mental health care.

Dorothy O’Keefe Diana is accepted into the Rutgers Doctorate of Social Work Program.

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