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Continuum of Care
Following the intervention and its outcome, we offer time together to review this life-altering process. The Team reflects on the event and looks at how each stakeholder and member can take care of themselves – be it a support group, therapy, a fun activity, or simply having a good night’s sleep because their loved one is in a safe place. Case management services are offered while your loved one is in treatment as well as Solution-Focused Coaching for family intervention team members as they navigate new ways of caring for themselves. Together, the team talks once a week and receives continued support and education from our team of experts. We work closely with treatment centers to recommend after care living options and licensed counselors for your loved one. Periodic check-ins is scheduled to build on the team’s success, and to create a healthy, positive change for the family and your loved one that lasts. Our experience with our client families demonstrates that when the family works together with us, the miracle of sustained recovery is not only possible, but also a realistic goal.

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